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Share our factsheets and Line 3 info with your community.

Write articles or letters to the editor of your local paper.

Contact your tribal leaders, City Council members, County Commissioners, and Governor Mark Dayton to ask that they publicly oppose the Line 3 pipeline. 

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If your bank is listed among the 64 banks backing DAPL and Tar Sands pipeline expansions, find an alternative and move your money. Then, get your community to divest.



Whether you want to organize a demonstration, teach a workshop, paint a banner, host a fundraiser, scout the pipeline route, or distribute food and supplies, let us know and we will get you started!

Sign the Line 3 Statement of Opposition!  

We are united in opposition to Enbridge's proposed new Line 3 oil pipeline.  The pipeline's impacts on our economy, natural resources, and public health, and its violations of Indigenous rights are unacceptable.  Residents of the Great Lakes should not be forced to assume such risks for a project that is economically unviable in the long-term and serves no clear public purpose.  We call on Governor Dayton and our state agencies to oppose the pipeline project because of the decline in global oil demand, the rapid ongoing transition to renewable energy, and the urgency of the climate crisis.  We call on the MN Public Utilities Commission to deny the Certificate of Need for Line 3 on grounds that the project is not in the best interest of the people.  

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