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More than 500 spiritual leaders of different faith traditions in Minnesota have signed a letter to the Public Utilities Commission asking them to reject the permits for a Line 3 pipeline “because of the harm it would do to the Anishinaabe people.”  On June 4, hundreds of people gathered at the Capitol in St. Paul and marched to deliver the letter to the PUC and Governor Mark Dayton.  The event was organized by Minnesota Interfaith Power and Light and the Poor People's Campaign.  

Here is the full letter, which will stay live and continue to receive signatures, so please share as appropriate.    

The letter reads, “We are rabbis, imams, priests, pastors, deacons, elders, and others, among thousands of people of faith and conscience who oppose the Enbridge Energy Line 3 pipeline.” The faith leaders then explain that the Line 3 pipeline is a deeply “moral issue,” rooted in the history of violent colonization on Turtle Island.

“Many of us signing this letter come from Christian and other traditions that in recent years have taken formal positions acknowledging the role of our faith institutions in the mistreatment and deep trauma done to Indigenous peoples...We have committed ourselves to seeking ways forward for healing and repair. Our signatures here represent an effort to live out that commitment...

At Standing Rock, the world was reminded of the fundamental truth that water is life. People of faith know this deeply - our connection to creation is not simply as consumers of it. It is a sacred duty to protect life on earth for its own sake.”

As we await the State of Minnesota’s final permit decision on Line 3, groups on both sides of this issue are asserting their opinions to the PUC, the media, and anyone that will listen.  The final ruling is scheduled for June 27th, the last day of a series of 4 public meetings in St. Paul (June 18, 19, 26, 27).  



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