#1 Abandoment

There are currently no regulations for decommissioning pipelines. The State of Minnesota, including the Public Utilities Commission (PUC), has the power and responsibility to regulate pipeline abandonment, but have made no plans yet.  

They are allowed to leave behind what is likely a superfund site. Tribal members, homeowners, local businesses, and people across the north are standing up to say no, and demand a regulatory process and an insurance requirement. 

#2 new destructive corridor 

Enbridge wants to leave the old pipe to rot in the ground and build a brand new pipeline corridor through the heart of Minnesota's lake country and some of the largest wild rice beds in the world. 

The proposed route would pierce the heart of Ojibwe treaty lands, where members of signatory bands retain the rights to hunt, fish, gather, hold ceremony, and travel.  It is our responsibility as water protectors to prevent this.