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1. stay informed

Follow us on facebook, share our literature, use our website resources, attend events, etc. Reach out to your local environmental groups, faith communities, neighbors, schools, and organizations. 

2. Speak OuT

Sign our petitions, write op-ed articles or letters to the editor of your local paper, and contact your tribal leaders, City Councilmembers, County Commissioners, and call or email Governor Mark Dayton to demand they publicly oppose Line 3. 

Governor Mark Dayton:

Telephone: 651-201-3400.

3. Divest

If you bank is listed among the 64 banks backing DAPL and Tar Sands pipeline expansions, find an alternative and move your money. Then, get your community to divest.

4. Organize

Whether you want to organize a demonstration at a bank, get Minneapolis to divest from Wells Fargo, teach a workshop, paint a banner, host a fundraiser, scout the pipeline route, monitor the existing Line 3 for leaks, collect camping supplies, let us know below and we will get you started!